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Windows 7 is a most stable and fast operating system. There is no real reason for it to be slow. If your computer suffer from bad configuration or installed with third party software that slows it down you should take care of it as soon as possible. Download our softare and run a free scan.

Step 1 – Scan the system for any issues

Step 2 – Check scan results

Step 3 – Let our software to handle all the issues


 Optimize Windows 7

  • Reducing the load time
  • Registry tune-up
  • Cleaning hard disks
  • Quicker files reload

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User-friendly software that fixes, cleans, and optimizes your computer by increasing its speed and performance. 

1. Scan win7

2. Results listed 

3. let it fix them all

Feature Rich Software:

Controlling resources
This software can detect unwanted applications that run on the system through its main scan. Most of these unwanted applications are running without your notice. However, such applications consume huge amount of resources on the computer.

Reducing the load time
One major reason behind the long loading time of a computer is running many programs, process monitoring tools, online update tools and many other unnecessary programs during the startup. But, out Startup Manager allows you to decide and select the programs you want to run during the time you turn your computer on. If there are so many programs running during the time that your PC starts, it will become a slow PC because every program consumes its resources such as hard disk space and the memory.

Cleaning hard disks
The computer will work fast and smooth when it has a large disk space. One great way to free the disk space is cleaning its unwanted and junk files. When we use a computer, its hard disk is filling with junk files, temporary files, and other unwanted items. These files just occupy the space, and they are not useful. Our software can create a long list of such unwanted files and can facilitate to delete them.

Quicker files reload
File fragmentation is a normal process that happens in a hard drive when you save, change, move, or delete files. When you save a change you made to a file, it will save to a different location rather than saving it to the original file. This will cause to fragment both files and the hard disk. It will reduce your computer performances, because it is necessary to look at different places to open a file. Our software will organize your file in a better way to improve the performances and to minimize the file loading time.

Preventing Crashes & Freeze
Our software corrects errors in your computer system and repairs its windows registry errors. It prevents your computer from sudden crashes.

Repairing your computer errors
Out software can find and fix different system errors, conflicts, and incorrect configurations that may affect to make problems and errors.

Cleaning Search History, Cache and Cookies
Our software cleans up cookies, internet search histories, cache, trace records, junks and system redundancies. It frees your disk space quickly and keeps the computer hard drive clean for fast internet browsing.

Managing bad applications
It removes adware, pop-up, spyware, and other unwanted programs to secure the computing environment.

Optimizing the network
It maximizes the network speed by adjusting your network settings automatically.